About Ross Wellington

Ross Wellington is a short-run graphic novel in four issues created by Brian Ellis and Mark Van Handel. It is being posted free online for two reasons: One, we have worked on this for a long while and we want as many people as possible to see and hopefully enjoy it. And two, that Ross will find a home with a publisher that can give the book the final embodiment we think it deserves.

In that spirit, if you like what you see please pass the link on to your friends Or become a fan on Facebook. The more people that read it here for free the more likely it is that we can finish telling Ross' story later on.

What about the book's origins?

Ross Wellington was first envisioned as a doodle in Mark's notebook during a lecture in 1998. Mark began noodling about what to do with Ross for a few years and did a few action sketchs before promptly forgetting about him.

In 2004 Brian and Mark began working on a book starring Ross. There is some debate about who's idea it was to do this book; Brian says it was Mark's and Mark is just as certain it was Brian's. In any case, Brian had a general idea so an outline began.

Unfortunately, by this point Mark and Brian were living on different continents so progress was slow. But eventually the story came togeter and later they both made their way back to Milwaukee and progress began at a brisk pace (this means Mark sat back as Brian worked his ass off drawing).

The result of these years is set forth before you in four 32-page issues to be released bi-monthly through June 2011. A further eight issues are planned but may not happen without some additional future help.

©2011 Mark Van Handel and Brian Ellis