Issue 1: La Caminata MacGuffin

Released: December 17, 2010

Ross is broke and alone, hiding out in San Francisco working as a small-time P.I. to scrape by. But when Camilla comes to stay with him everything is looking up. He has a new case and someone waiting at home. All he has to do is find Hector and all his troubles will be over.

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Issue 2: Castigada Corporal

Released: February 14, 2011

Finding Hector didn't happen exactly as Ross had hoped. This payday will have to take a back seat to saving his own skin or at least figuring out who he's saving it from.

Issue 3: Vertigo Y Volcada

Release Date: April 30, 2011

Ross is back on the streets and looking forward to things getting back to normal. Things have other plans.

Issue 4: Freno

Release Date: June 29, 2011

Come along and see how this all ends up, won't you?
©2011 Mark Van Handel and Brian Ellis